Here is how you can send uncompressed photos on WhatsApp


ISLAMABAD: Have you ever felt frustrated when the pictures you send on WhatsApp end up getting compressed and as a result, are of inferior quality for the receiver?

If you are looking to send one or two images, then you should choose the “document” method while the “Zip” option is beneficial when you want to send multiple photos, reported.

Attach image as document

The most simple and straightforward way of sending an uncompressed image over WhatsApp is to do so by sending it as a document. This is very beneficial if you are looking to send just one or two images.

To do this, open a conversation with the person you want to send the image to. Then, click on the + sign. From there you will see ‘Document’ as an option. Once you have selected this, a series of non-image documents will come up. If you are able to click on ‘Browse’ or ‘Browse other docs’, you will see more options appear. Should you fail to see the image you want to see, you might need to go into your pictures and make sure it is saved as a file or a document.

Zip and attach file

If you want to send multiple images, perhaps from a vacation or somewhere else, you may want to opt for another option altogether. 

When sending multiple photos, a WhatsApp user can send photos to maintain image quality via the Zip and file method. 

You need to download apps – File Commander and QuickPic – that will allow you to zip the file, which then allows you to send items in their original form; it is like they shrink into the file but then are usual size once unzipped.

Once the file is zipped and everything, open WhatsApp and find the conversation you want to send the images in. Go through the same process as above – hitting either the + or clip icon to load up document – and then you should find the zip file you have created, which you can then send.

And there you have it. The images you send will no longer be of inferior quality for the user or users to check out.