World is morally obliged to avert Afghan food crisis: PM Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD: A news report published by CNN has revealed that Afghanistan is on the verge of an intense food crisis with winter looming and several areas already reporting droughts. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday said that he has been warning of the catastrophic consequences for which the World Food Programme has recently issued an alert, as reported by CNN

Taking to Twitter, the premier said that the international community has a “moral obligation to avert the humanitarian disaster” in Afghanistan.

Assuring of all possible relief for the Afghans on Pakistan’s behalf, PM Imran Khan urged the world to take an immediate step to help the war-torn country survive the disaster. 

“I have been warning of this humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Now WFP chief issues alert. Pak will continue to provide all possible relief but int community must act now. It has moral obligation to avert this humanitarian disaster confronting Afghan ppl,” PM Imran Khan wrote.