Free-Lancing in Pakistan


The majority of Pakistan’s population consists of youngsters and it’s good because a country with a large number of young people progresses by leaps and bounds. In contrast, time has converted this era into digital world. In the past, people used to work manually with hands. Now technology has taken the charge and prevailed in all aspects of life. At present, the world is moving towards the digital century. No doubt, there is shortage of jobs in Pakistan at the moment, especially since Pandemic Corona Virus has affected the whole world the fluctuations in the economy and uncertainty are becoming intensive and severe day by day. The country’s poor economic conditions have a negative impact on both reliable employment and running business.
However, even in an uncertain and pathetic economic situation, there are possibilities to earn through other sources. Money can be earned by means of online work from home. This is the digital age in which millions of people have started running online businesses, that has led to a slight increase in success rates. The people are starting to make money with the help of internet.

For example E-Commerce (online business) has a record growth in the world economy. The demand for freelancing is currently increasing simultaneously in the field of digital marketing. Social media marketing and affiliated marketing are also on the top of the list. Extraordinary demand for software and applications development has grown significantly around the world, including in Pakistan, and youngsters are learning a variety of skills to meet this standard. That’s why instead of looking for jobs in the future, they would be inclined to have an alternative source.
Income is available at any rate and distant. Today Asia the biggest continent has the highest regional economic growth rate, and many people are wondered about it. Revenue in four countries has increased by 138%. Pakistan has symbolically signaled a rapid growth trend in the Asian continent with a 46% increase in freelancing revenue over the past years. The number of Pakistani freelancers has increased dramatically in the last year, from 4% in 2018. It has grown up from 6% to 42% in 2019 and finally to 48% in 2020-2021. Pakistan is at No.4 among the top freelancing countries in the 2021 rankings.
The young generation is looking for additional opportunities. According to a survey, 12,000 young people graduating from e-jobs have earned Rs. 140 million in Pakistan’s E-employment freelancing program, which has led to an increase in foreign exchange and a reduction in unemployment. If we talk about a little bit creativity, we find graphic designing, creating websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), digital marketing, social media, and all these ocean of technology in E-Commerce.

In addition, you can earn money through internet by learning basic skills because there are some websites for freelancing where you can create your own account and find work. Another advantage of freelancing is that you will get money in dollars and not in rupees. When people make money from outside, it benefits them individually and collectively. Some people have set up their own companies with the help of freelancing. Officially, a key role in this regard is being played by the Government for its promotion. At Government level, online courses, rozgaar schemes & students oriented scholarships programs related to the above mentioned skills are also being introduced for the betterment of Pakistan’s young generation. From the present stage the emerging future of Pakistan can fulfill the requirements of the modern age. Rapidly moving steps by youngsters towards digital world will one day establish a brighter future of Pakistan In-Shaa-Allah.
Pakistan Zindabad!

Written by : Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib