Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib Best Content Creator


Islamabad : CO Founder of National Youth Talent Pakistan Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib has been awarded the ‘ Best Content Creator Award of 2021’ from  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology  Board co powerd by Enablers in Connected Pakistan Conference 2021, for his dedication and efforts in bringing the best quality Content and informative sessions, whilst maintaining high quality standards as being the best Youth Activist , says a press release.

Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib is committed to raise public awareness about the rights of all sections of society. Through writing and differnt motivational speeches, he attempts to give possibilities, operational ways, potential and hope to people for solving all sorts of social or burning issues within; their available resources and possible means.

Award was conferred during the Connected Pakistan Conference  at Jinnah Convention Center on the 4th and 5th of December 2021

He met with different Personalities during the event Such as Imran Ali Dinna (GFX Mentor) , Hisham Sarwar (Being Guru) ,Rehan Allawala ,Azad Chaiwala and many more.

While meeting with his special guests Rabia Abbas (Best Mentor of Digital World) , Afi Sial (Co-Founder Of Meem) He express his highly best wishes for them.

In a statement Muhammad Bilal Said “Words can’t express our gratitude to Ms Rabia Abbas And Afi Sial  as they are doing extraordinary efforts to make the Pakistani Youth Skillful”