Classroom Management


Classroom Management
Kanwal Tariq

Teachers use proficient skills to manage Time, Space and People. By adopting positive attitude, punctuality and discipline teachers can easily fix their daily routine.

Classroom management is a time duration from the beginning till the end of a period. In which, students, space, material and high traffic areas are organized proficiently.

Students’ involvement and their sophisticated feedback enhances an ideal learning environment of the classroom.

Specific check and balance makes a classroom balanced one. Ensure seating arrangement. Scattered things must be placed first properly by clearing tables. There’s no compromise in uniform and hygiene of students. Teaching supplies must be available. Timetable of the classroom with bell timings should be pasted on the notice boards.

Classroom management is a systematic and dual process of achieving teaching goals. The SLO must be followed by using modern activity based learning.

As it’s said, “Children are great imitators so give them something great to imitate.”

Teachers handle noise in classroom managent by engaging students in peer or group activities. Proper rounds and survey of the teachers in the classroom alert students in class participation.

Effective teaching strategies and proper usage of AV Aids develops the interest of learning among students. Appreciate students & develope their interest in studies.

“Classroom Management is the Key of Door of getting SLOs.” Teachers not only cope up with curriculumn challenges but also work on ethics of students and that’s how class-room management works consecutively.