How to be a Happy Teacher


How to be a Happy Teacher
Kanwal Tariq

As it’s said, “Teachers who love teaching; teach students who love learning.”

Being teachers, when we find a way to smile and know the purpose of our lives, it ultimately transfers in our students’ minds. But sometimes inspite of having high level of excellence, our decisions around us don’t make sense.

To cope up with such circumstances teachers need to improve themselves in the following manners.

Happiness can be maintained by doing exercise through offering prayers, inhaling, exhaling cycling and planting.

Proper relaxation of mind and body sustaints it.

If a teacher will be a helping hand to others with positive attitude then students surely take him/her as a role model.

A happy teacher applies Islamic therapies to inculcate discomforts of life. Productive and strong communication skills can develop supportive network in an educational system.

Combat and hectic routine can be classified through lesson planning, punctailty and discipline.

A happy teacher sets off an expedition for exploring the world through educational conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops and books reading.

Self-actualization is the main source of happiness. A happy teacher tries to become a problem solver by saying good-bye to mental fatigue and doubts.

A happy teacher is grateful to Allah, contented and an honest person. A happy teacher always concerns about his or her students meticulously and consciously.

In actual, “What you’re having is your cup of tea.” makes you a Happy Teacher.