An Inspirational Platform for Learners


An Inspirational Platform for Learners
Kanwal Tariq

In a very short period of time APSACS has become the most popular web of schools in all over Pakistan.

By fitting a fantastic feather in the cap of APS; Hamda from grade VIII acquired 2nd position in online essay writing competition on the topic of Child Labour.
Vaccination, election, road safety compaigns, students’ conuselling & self-hygiene awareness sessions are also established for the grooming of students.
Theme based morning assembly regarding burning issues is organized by meticulous staff and brilliant students.
Best book review winners and shining stars are also nominated by APS.
Ghufran Ahmed Talib, Ayeza Saeed and Sameen Ansari are high achievers of Senior Section FBISE results of SSC and HSSC which left a mark of glory to this previlige
Principal Syed Imam Ahmed Bukhari says, “We have to encourage students to think that success is in many forms, not only in higher grades or summative assessments.”
یوم عزم تعلیم
ہم علم کی شمع جلائے رکھیں گے
was held by APS and Shahsawar campus on 16th Dec to comemorate the martyrs of APS Peshawar.
Guard of honour was a unique tribute for the martyrs of APS Peshawar.
Science, Art and Craft exhibitions, 16 years of Foundation day (3rd Oct,2005), Sports Gala (Mega event contains gymnastic skills, opening ceremony, an olympic torch) Tolerance Day, Children say, Iqbal’s Day, Quaid’s day, Father’s day, Mother’s Day, Teachers’ day, Defence day, Peace day, Independence day, International Youth day, Professional Day, Green and Clean Pakistan (Tiny Forest Projects), Investiture Ceromnies are a few glimses curricular and co-curricular activities of APACIANS.

Students of Senior Section; Ghufran Ahmed Talib, Ayeza Saeed and Sameen Ansari are high achievers of FBISE results of SSC and HSSC who leave a mark of glory to this previlige institute.

APS & C is supervised by worthy VCEC, GCO, Commander, RDs and Principal sahaban.They believe in Unity, Faith and Discipline.

“Praising students’ intelligence gives them a short brust of pride.”
Its CCA,CAP, ISA & AIS coordinators are passionate to their work for holistic development of (youngsters) creative minds.

APS is blessed with REHC for psychological affairs. Psycholgists not only take individual & group counselling sessions of students but also of teachers as well.

Training and evaluation departments conduct objective monitoring sessions as per international standard. It gives a useful insight to its pre-planned and functional, chronolgical system.

APS flourishes and embraces its international standard due to its ideal and well organized co-operative chain of HM.

The infrastructure of APS is eyes captivating on the account of its dedicated and creative team members.
It’s an immense pleasure to come across first successful Live Webinar. With an epic performance; Meryam Fatima, Ahmed & Hadi expressed their harmonious views on Human Rights spontaneously.

Awais Rasheed of HSSC from the department of Com.Science has a sensational innovation who did 7 online courses from MUN and received offer letters in the fields of Business Law and Comp. Engineering.

According to the principal, “World is full of opportunites for those who want to grab it.”
APS provides its faculty members highly captivating & International standard workshops for herculean experience by using SMART objectives.These modern educational trends eminent teachers to engage themselves in INSET, NBT, SBT and AFL for exploring teaching strategies and virtual methodologies.

APS celebrates students’ success by making them masters of the ceremony & top position holders receive shields, laptops, prizes and cheques by honourable chief guset.

According to the principal, “One of the best way of learning as proven by research in students is taking the role of teachers.” APS facilitates its students to come forward & showcase their astonishing skills.

APS is the name of a quality education, its vision is based on learning and cooperative support. Let’s join hand together and win more laurels for further accomplishments in the coming years.