Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib: A teen working for a ‘Pakistani Youth’


The life and success of nations and their bright future lies in the hands of the young generations of today and Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib is precious Dimond of Pakistan

Who is Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib?

Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib is a young Digital Creator hailing from Kahuta ,a city in Pakistan’s District Rawalpindi.He is Co Founder of National Youth Talent an Entrepreneur, Blogger and Social Media Activist.

As We believe that youth is the backbone of any nation. If they are guided well, they can make history and nation wise. Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib embarked on a journey to invest his time to unwind and tap the true potential of youth to enable them realize their dreams with a special focus on leadership & empowerment.

He also works with the corporate sector in providing hands-on solutions to help solve day to day business challenges by developing their human capital, their strategy, and building their brand. Hundreds and Thousands of people are engaged with him through social media.

His programs enable individuals and organizations to overcome the upcoming challenges of the 21st century and assist organizations to start scaling ever new heights.