Teachers’ Stressors and Coping Strategies


Teachers’ Stressors and Coping Strategies
Kanwal Tariq

Stressors means overall stress, pressure of excessive work-load. If teachers will be patient, having tolerance, can calm them down by applying religious therapies.

Being cometent is always challenging. Stop comparing yourself. Be motivated and fastidious.

Avoid fake social interaction, be limited, reserve and to the point. “Job’s contentment makes it easier to be satisfied.

Slow down lesson-plans with purposeful teaching strategies. When teachers give priority to themselves first their health & grooming resets.

Whenever teachers feel anxious, un-fresh, they must put on their favourite dress. Do shopping, cooking or go for outing for a balanced life style. Keep certain hours totally school free.

Teachers usually encunter many people (blotting papers) in their society. Great teachers avoid them with optimistic approach.

Sometimes sadness and moods changing can be eradicated through laughter therapy. It’s proven to weep with tears flush out all frustration.

Pending works can be managed with punctuality. During aggressive situation smart teachers know how to choose their response wisely.

Teachers maintain self-esteem, dignity, honesty and discipline with moral values. Low readiness learners must be centre of concern.

Teachers’ main stressor is un-controlled aggression, start accepting responsibility. During un-bearable situation, must consult with HR, HM and psychologist.

According to a proverb, “Teachers do more than teaching.”

Teachers should broad their imagination. The most soothing components are Social Emotional Learning and Moral Foundations.

There’s no option of re-painting in human so do clutter youself. Get feed back from authorities and value youself. Start your own day with a good note. Try to be a pro-activist. Adjust your schedule. Have zero expectations from others. Stressors can be minimized with the help of immediate gratification.

Lower rest burnout to measure stress related feelings. Proper relaxation and a meanwhile nap makes teachers fresh.

Seeking approach, positive appraisal and palnful problem solving manages persoanilty fits.