India Objects Against the World Day of islamophobia


India Objects Against the World Day of islamophobia
Hafiz Muhammad Awais

Modi government’s face was once again, India has raised the decision to celebrate the world day against Islamophobia.

Muslim hostility of Modi government and Hindu Tawa thinking is no longer hidden from anyone, ever murdered Muslims in the name of Geo Rickshaw, sometimes mosques on Muslims in the ban on Hijab, sometimes mosques, prayers and prayers But the provocative statements of Hindu extremist BJP leaders have come in front of the world, but now Modi government has also objected to the World Day against Islamo Fobia in the United Nations.

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) approved a resolution to celebrate as a global day to deal with ‘Islamophobia’ on Tuesday, after which India concerns approval of this resolution Expressing the object by expressing.

The permanent representative of India in the United Nations TSMarti emphasized in its statement that ‘we condemn all the operations that are affected by Jewish envy, Christian phobia or Islamophobia.

India’s permanent representative in the United Nations said before the voting on the World Day of Islam Fobia, said that India is proud that our existence is the center of existence and we strongly believe in protection and promotion in all religions and beliefs.

Indian Elichi further added that it is unfortunate that the word ‘Parrot’ in the resolution is not mentioned in the resolution, and the sponsors did not consider our amendment to include it.

India emphasized global organizations that they also raise the sound against other religions.

The resolution approved by Islamophobia last day in the United Nations had the support of other 8 countries including Russia, China, Russia, China’s 57 Muslim.

It is clear that the United Nations had a Pakistani resolution presented in the approved resolution of OICs in the United Nations last day.

Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated Alam Islam on the approval of this resolution that the United Nations today has made a serious challenge facing the world, the next challenge of Muslim is to ensure the implementation of the United Nations resolution The objective is to prevent the disgusting stream against Muslims.