US relations rift with the Middle East


US relations rift with the Middle East
Hafiz Muhammad Awais

Russia Ukraine war has risen in American relations with Saudi Arabia, especially Saudi Arabia.
The report states that Russia Ukraine war shows the disturbance in American relations with the Middle East allies.

The report states that the discussion of Russian invasion on Ukraine around the world has dominated all the discussions, and the Biden administration is promoting a global unity against this war, which is the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s War-off Choice – Choosing war ‘is being called.

But despite these efforts, this dispute has significantly highlighted the United States’s most significant alliance (especially UAE and Saudi Arabia).

The latest manifestation of this clear article came last week when the Gulf Arab Malik hosted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, even though he was buried by Washington against the efforts to routine relations with Damascus.

Since the evening of the war began in 2011, this was the first visit to Bashar al-Assad, and the main point is that the Syrian President has a few support for the full support of Russian invasion on Ukraine. Weeks have occurred.

Geo Political Risk Consultancy is established in Washington DC, its CEO Georgio Cibero said that from the United Nations Security Council’s resolution to condemn the attack on Ukraine last month. When the Gulf Arab Malik voted in the right to stay away, and immediately afterwards, it tells us that the Arab countries are very serious to express their autonomy.

Last month, Abu Dhabi had been absent from the UN Security Council’s proposal to Ukraine’s UK Emma, ​​then after that the media reports came from anonymous sources that were claimed that the Middle East coalition leaders US President who rejected Biden’s calls.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that during the oil transaction with Beijing, Saudi Arabia is communicating with China to rid the US dollar in favor of Yuan.

It was clear that the Wall Street Journal reported this month that Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammad bin Salman and Abu Dhabi, Shaykh Mohammad bin Zaid al-Nhayan had rejected Biden’s calls, but the White House has reported this report ‘wrong’ Declared.