Jammu Kashmir and 48th OIC conference


Jammu Kashmir and 48th OIC conference:
Hafiz Muhammad Awais

The 48th OIC Session held under the supervision of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) under the theme, Building Partnerships for Unity, Justice, and Development in Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, on March 22-23, 2022.On the same the India hosting a Business conference in Jammu Kashmir, These three countries (Saudi, UAE and Hong Kong) business investors participated. But at the time Pakistan has experienced two times organized OIC’s conferences in three months, The first conference discussion on Afghan Taliban government would have to look at the support and crisis. Pakistan’s fortune twice the opportunity to organize two times of OIC conference in three months. The second time the conference talk to the oppression on Muslims and discussion on Afghanistan Taliban Govt.
PM Pakistan says we reaffirm our dedication to the eternal Islamic tenets of peace, tolerance, unity, harmony and justice, in pursuit of development and prosperity of the Ummah and the humanity.
We reiterate our commitment to broaden and deepen bonds of Inter-Islamic cooperation in all domains, augment unity and solidarity, and harness our resources, both human and material, for the collective good of our societies and peoples.
The many topics address in the session and the activities of the OIC General Secretariat on execute the resolutions adopted on different issues in the Islamic world, including the issue of Palestine and Al-Quds Ash-Sharif and the savage evaluations since the last CFM in Niamey 2020. The also discuss in session various political files, most especially execute in Afghanistan and its humanitarian consequences for the Afghan people and the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, which will also be discussed in the sideline meeting of the OIC’s Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir.
The Session address the several African issues, including the situation in the Republic of Mali, the Sahel region, and Lake Chad, the frailty of that region, and the situation in Central Africa and the Republic of Guinea. At the Arab level, the foreign ministers discuss the developments in Yemen, Libya, the Republic of Sudan and Somalia, Syria, and other regions.
But the actual issue is occupied Kashmir on which India has been breeding and its infrastructure is going to change. The Saudi Arabia, UAE Foreign Ministers to participate in the OIC conference in Pakistan and On the other hand, these two countries business investors and Hong Kong investors reached in occupied Kashmir on the invitation of India.

The Indian government had demanded the conference of Gulf investors in Kashmir, which continued for four days and this year, the target of 70 million investments has been set.
Regarding the industry’s investment in Kashmir, the industry’s Principal Secretary, Ranjin Prakash Thakur, says, “If the investors are good, the capital will be the railway.” Its depends on the business investors.
These three countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong) business delegation attended the Business conference in Kashmir. The conference starting on Tuesday continued for four days and more than total thirty representatives come form these countries (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong) companies were present in Jammu Kashmir, where they were reviewed to invest in different locations in Jammu Kashmir.
 The worldwide and big companies also want to invest in construction of hotels Shopping Malls especially focus on construct new airports in 5 cities in Jammu Kashmir. India has taken place on the land of ordinary people and has begun to capture the land.
Governor of Jammu Kashmir, Manoj Sinha, announced the conference that by the end of this year, the target of 70,000 cores will be completed in Kashmir.
The delegation of industry from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is searching for the possibilities of investment in Kashmir when the organization of Muslim countries in Pakistan is meeting, in which the Foreign Ministers of Muslim countries are participating in China’s Foreign Minister participates as guests.
More than thirty representatives and CEO’s of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia companies are participating in the investment conference in Jammu Kashmir.
In January this year, Jammu Kashmir’s governor administration and many companies of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were accused of investing industrial projects worth Rs. 3000 cores. In these companies, the main group Al Saud Group Omar, Lulu, Matu Investments, Almamia Group, GL Implant Brokerage, World-renowned nuns related to Central Financial and Information Technology.