Ascend sun Friends


Ascend sun Friends
Hafiz Muhammad Awais

He was born in 1925 to be a crown at the age of six and became king of Iran at the age of 22 years. He was Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi but the whole world he was king I knew in the name of Iran۔ He was America’s greatest friend in Asia, the European press called him “American Governor” he went a long way in American loyalty. The United States has enlightened and moderated him He ordered the will and banned the beard and veil in Iran۔If a woman had come out of the house during her time, the police would have usually torn her burqa apart. King Iran uniformed skirts in all female schools and universities Made ‘drinking’ dance andzna became fashionable۔

During the Shah’s time, Iran was the only country in the world with liquor stores in colleges. Universities had women’s bargaining and this abominable business was legalIn the king’s time, the gay sons of the two generals married each other, not only did they receive an invitation at the official level, but the Shah and his cabinet were special by the special Participated in the event as a۔ Shah gave diplomatic status to 42,000 Americans in Iran in love with the United States, “the United States” had “green phones” in the office of King Iran and it was called from the United States The instructions that were received were “he used to act on them immediately but then the Shah revolted on pro-American policies.” The uprising lasted for three years. The king carried out martial in 12 cities The law was put in place. The people refused to admit it. The king handed over the government to Shahpur Bukh and fled the country۔

He thought the United States would now repay his loyalties, but as the King of Iran flew out of Iran’s borders, the United States turned its eyes off. The king first went to Egypt to ‘Farmrush Then Baha’am Mass and then Mexico continued to seek help from the United States, but the White House did not even listen to its telephone۔Shah Iran hit Sosal to death but no one helped him. “The United States” its accounts and “citizes” eventually brought to the polls and he did it as a refuge Give ۔ He was elected to Cairo in July 1980. He had no one but his third wife at the time of his death. People did not come to read until his funeral, so he had his bed Amanata was buried in Rome۔It’s not just the story of Raza Shah Pahlavi, every friend ruler of America suffered the same fate. Take the example of your “anas Tasiuso” “He was an American agent in Nicaragua” Nicaragua When the communist movement began, the United States raised Anas Tassoso against communism by giving dollars and weapons۔

Tacio continued to fight the United States War as his war. In 1979, the situation in Nicaragua became difficult for him, and he fled the country, but as soon as he did Nicaragua stepped out of Goa. The Americans refused to recognize him. He tried to come to the United States, but the US government did not allow the lives of these Tasiuso jungles and caves He died in 1980 in the same troubled world and was buried by a few close friends in Sansen, Paraguay. Today people named him Not familiar with۔Chile’s dictator, General Agarata Augusto Pinoche, with the help of the CIA in 1973, the night-night blood on General Elando’s elected government, “Panusha” against the Chilean people as soon as he came to power Started operation۔ Punoshe ruled Chile until 1990. In these 177 years, Punoshe carried out thousands of civilian killings at the behest of the United States, “Simitting the undesirable US organizations and his citizens on the wishes of the United States The people of human rights were incited. He fled to London in March 1990, ‘He rose against Punoshe۔

He thought Britain and the United States would appreciate his loyalties, but as soon as they came to London, British police captured him and stopped him from looking at his house. He did this bad thing Protested from the United States over treatment, but the US government did not bother to answer, “the British government handed him over to Chile in 2000” and sued him On December 3, 2006, he had a heart attack and died. His death was celebrated throughout the country, while the US government did not release a line-up message۔ Angola’s rebel chief, Juanas Siomni, was also the pro-American leader, “He continued to fight American interests in Angola in the rain.” In November 1992, the United States signed a peace agreement with the Camonists He ordered the agreement, which resulted in Jonas Siomni becoming unwavering, two months after the signing of the agreement, the Communists in “Hambo He attacked his headquarters, he escaped, and it has been fifteen years since the incident today, which is “hidden to save Jonas Siomni lives Don’t even hear the telephone۔ “General Noriega” was a tool of the United States in Panama. Americans also used it against communists۔

He fought the war of American interests until 1990, but the United States did not consolation, so the United States invaded Panama, “Southernoriga was arrested.” A court on American Emma sentenced him to 40 years in prison He was convicted and Noriega has been suffering the consequences of American friendship in prison for the past fourteen years.Freddie Nandmarkos fought the war of American interests in the Philippines for 22 years۔ He defeated Communist Cochin Chen Karkhtam from the Philippines, but in 1986 the United States abolished his government. Marcos came to America. The United States sheltered him but he was honored Or he did not give the monarch that he had spent the rest of his life in a small house in Honolulu and received a scholarship equal to a common refugee. Marcos was the same in 1999 Anjani became an in a helpless world۔ In 1979, the United States erected Bishop Abel Manarviva in Rhodesia against Moga Bay and Nicomo, “The bishop fought for Americans but when he weakened fighting, the United States became weak He drew his hand with his help and the story of President Sadam Hussein knows the whole world۔After the Iran Revolution, the United States decided to use Saddam Hussein۔

Saddam Hussein attacked the United States Emma on September 22, 1980, and the war lasted 8 years until August 20, 1988, killing one million people and killing 2 million and 2 million Injured۔ Saddam Hussein was a friend of the United States until 1990, but then the United States invaded Iraq in oil greed. In this war, 86,000 Iraqi civilians were martyred. In 2003, the United States committed 86,000 He was once again attacked in Iraq, and was executed in Baghdad on December 30, 2006, on US instructions۔From Shah Iran to Sadam Hussein, American history is full of thousands of examples of friendlyism۔ The Americans call their foreign policy “disposal diplomacy” their philosophy is buy and throw it away. “The American nation changes its wife before the blade is blunt, so it is so that it People don’t value their friends more than paper glass plate ’tissue and dirty socks۔

These people always run Case to Case and Project to Project, so their friends are General Augusto Pinoche, General Reza Shah Pahlavi, or General Saddam Hussein, these people consider them friends at the moment As long as they can serve them and the day they feel, this person is becoming their “responsibility” with him Ali Bhutto and General Zia al-Haq treat as and then they seal the “former” to their graves۔This is that the United States is committed to the same philosophy of American friendship and its end and the United States for the last two hundred and fourteen years, and it has so far pursued its policy for someone to this day No change but our kindness is realizing that the United States has changed all its philosophy and now it will support us until the last coast of the Arab Sea and the last wave of the Atlantic Ocean Will۔

These friends have forgotten that Americans who forget their mother will give their father what they do in crisis۔ The United States is the land of the sinking sun and the sons of the sun are always friends of the ascending sun and at the moment the sun of our sealers is sinking so the face of American loyalty is also the direction Changing۔ It’s just a matter of two weeks and then the new cup will be a new plate and a new glass and acondalizaris۔