Let’s Educate Knowingly


Let’s Educate Knowingly
Kanwal Tariq

Educational institutions are circuit through time management.
Advent of teachers & students is ensured by higher authorities. Punctuality is the main key of triumphant institutions. Schools flourish due to their curricular & extracurricular activities.

Timetable should be followed properly. When teachers orchestrate their classes on time then there won’t be any kind of distress among students. Their energies will be engrossed positively and with productive approach.

Coordination of teachers coerces the lesson plans successful. In this way, there will be in-distinguishable lesson planning & its execution. However with the help of what’s app official schools’ groups, parents can be updated about their child’s progress.

Prompt soft reminders marque students alert to prepare their assign tasks.
Written diary can also play a vital role in this concern. If there is a serious case about low readiness then dire meetings can be held for the amelioration of students. Infact, teachers, parents and students have a triangular affix with each other. This absolutely intensifies the credibility of students stupendously.

From morning till end of the day, cooroborate such measurements:
Their class rooms are airy, tidy & do they have water
bottles with them during heatstroke days. Queues must be made for ingresd & retreat. Let them perceive how to keep their classroom and uniforms wholly.

When teachers will work on their demeanour, regiment issues will be automatically suppressed.

Schools can be made beautiful by planting trees,
throwing the debris into the trashbins, by keeping the environment upright while recess & departure time especially.

Allocate different sort of duties to students and teachers regarding manners. Commute their chores as per month policy so others can come forward too. Maintain registers for record.

Let’s build a chain of Peace and Light through Education. Let’s learn together.

In Pakistan now educational institutions are becoming rachis for building nations. Being teachers it’s ought to be our obligation to teach our pupils something certain Islamically and ethically. Inspite of having less resources let’s educate our students in accordance with peace and light therapies. Coax them to study Qur’an, Hadith and Sirat-ul-Nabbi SAW.

Let’s educate our students how can they become responsible citizens and well organized human being as well.

Education is not all about tarpaulin curriculum, it is actually to teach our students, how to live a managed life. Spread smile and lit up candles of education with a rioting change in humanity through radicle of Education.