Israeli decision to evict 1200 local Palestinians


Israeli decision to evict 1,200 local Palestinians
Hafiz Muhammad Awais

Palestinians will face the biggest simultaneous displacement challenge since 1967. This situation has arisen as a result of an Israeli court’s decision to meet the expectations of the Israeli occupying authority.

The case has been pending in the court for many years. But now that the verdict has come, the court has ruled against the locals and asked them to hand over the land to the occupying Israeli authority. The ruling is being condemned by the United Nations and the European Union.

It has been generally observed that Israeli courts tend to rule against the Palestinians in favor of the Israeli authority. Even before this decision, the Palestinians living in the occupied territories for generations had to fight a long legal battle, but the decision was in favor of the occupying Israeli authority.If this decision is implemented, about 1200 local Palestinians from the occupied West Bank, Musafar Ita, etc. will have to leave their homes and places of origin. The decision came at a time when the US Deputy Secretary of State was also on a visit to Israel.

Palestinians affected by the decision want to see immediate action to avoid leaving their homes. Al-Fakhit resident Wadeh Ayub Abu Sabha said, “The Israeli authorities want to clear our space for the construction of new ghettos.” It should be noted that Wada Ayub al-Fakhit is a resident of the area which is famous for its Palestinian shepherds. They have an ancient connection with this land. “We will not leave our homes,” she said bluntly. In 1980, Israel declared the area a military zone and set up Firing Zone 918. In court, the Israeli occupying authority stated that “this vast area of ​​7,400 acres is of critical importance because of its location on the border between Israel and the West Bank.” Palestinian shepherds only come to graze. “

“This year has been a year of great shock for us,” Abu Sabha said in a hushed voice as he spoke. The dim light of a small bulb seemed to indicate a loss of hope.The ancient Palestinians living in the area traditionally lived in mountain caves. But over the last two decades, they have begun to build smaller rooms. But the Israeli occupying authorities are still trying to demolish the houses. “Now the occupying Israeli authority has been upheld by their court.”

An Israeli court has ruled in favor of the occupying Israeli authority against the Palestinians, saying they have not been able to establish themselves as residents.

The European Union and the United Nations have condemned the Israeli decision and barred the Israeli occupying authority from demolishing people’s homes. The European Union (EU) has said in a statement that the creation of a military zone could not be justified in displacing people from their homes. The word “spread” is also on record. “
On the other hand, the United Nations says Israeli authorities have been refusing to allow Palestinians to build.