The Indian intelligence agency RAW is active to spread chaos in Pakistan and weaken Pakistan


The Indian intelligence agency RAW is active to spread chaos in Pakistan and weaken Pakistan
Hafiz Muhammad Awais

The Indian intelligence agency RAW is active to spread chaos in Pakistan and weaken Pakistan. New cell set up.

Exactly three months ago, Indian Cyber ​​Security Expert, Indian Cyber ​​Security Expert, gave some suggestions about weakening Pakistan that you all watched.
Promoting nationalism in Pakistan. Pukhtoonistan, Sindh country, the proposal to spend billions of rupees was included for it.

On March 27, an important meeting of the Special Cell of Fifth Generation War was held through anti -Pakistan social media at an unknown location in the Indian city of Bhopal, in which Pakistan was using social media out of Pakistan and inside Pakistan to Pakistan. It was decided to combine against.

Thousands of new accounts were also decided to be created, whose agenda was.

  1. Balochistan and tribal districts will propagate the missing persons.
  2. False pictures against the Pak army, spread videos, Pashtuns will try to incite Baloch youth against the Pak army.
  3. Sindh, Baloch, Pashtun, Seraiki, Punjabi, migrant nationalism will give nationalism good on social media. Making Raja Dahir a hero was also a link to the same war.
  4. Propaganda, trends on social media against dams.

5 Trends on social media against support of anti -Pak political parties, ending the eighteenth amendment.

6 Propaganda against Pak Army’s defense budget.

7 Will promote separatists in Pakistan.

Even propaganda against the Ghazal Ghazi series is being made from Uttar Pradesh and Kabul.

For each purpose, a separate trend is made. Most of the accounts were active between April 11 and April 22. Some people sitting in Pakistan are involved in the conspiracy, remember that if the institutions raise them for investigation, they should not wash them crying. – –

After this meeting, thousands of new accounts suddenly become, a new storm of propaganda has occurred on social media, anti -Pakistan trends are visible on Twitter every day.

You’ll see that suddenly on social media
Against dams, sometimes against the Pak army
Ever in favor of PTM
Ever in favor of the Eighthoes Amendment
Ever the propaganda of missing persons.

The trends of the death of the so -called leaders of the nationalist parties and the birthday of the birthday began to be seen, including the trend running in favor of GM Syed and the Arisar group.

This series will increase over time.

There was a time when the youth of Pakistan, under the leadership of Asif Ghafoor Sahib, were always fighting the enemy in the Fifth Generation War and exposing the enemy’s conspiracy. – –
The sons of the homeland are still working for their homeland, but the enemy is shedding a lot of money. All young people will have to come forward to the homeland more than ever and to destroy the enemy’s billions of investments.
RAW’s conspiracy has to be thwarted.