Pakistan Information Center (PIC) held two days Workshop for Journalists


Islamabad (News Desk) A two-day workshop on “Mobile Journalism” was organized at the Pakistan Information Center (PIC) of the Press Information Department (PID) in the federal capital under the auspices of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Waseem Qadri explained the methods of video editing and told what ethics should be kept in mind while making photos and videos. Waseem Qadri further said that while making mobile videos and photos, keep ethics in mind and whenever you upload one, it should be of short duration and there should be no objectionable content in the video.

Senior journalist and anchor person Javed Chaudhry participated as a trainer in Wizkshop. On this occasion, Javed Chaudhry said that you people should think positively and use mobile phones in a positive manner while staying within the realm of ethics. He said that access to life and information has become easier with mobile phones.

He said that laptops etc. have been left behind now, the world has come to mobile. At the end of the ceremony, senior journalists and anchor persons Waseem Qadri and Javed Chaudhry were also honored with honorary shields.

In the event, the participants were served a sumptuous lunch and were treated to afternoon tea. The workshop for journalists will continue continuously for two days which will end on February 9, 2023.