Pink Soul | Shamsa Abbasi


Title: Pink Soul

Columnist: Shamsa Abbasi

Women willpower and strength are something that the world should not just celebrate for one day but every day. She’s someone who can give birth to a new life in the world and go through the hardship and challenges throughout the whole year. They are making significant sacrifices and contributions to society and for the world to make it beautiful.

They are powerful not just because they aren’t scared but they face all troubles so strongly of fears. They just not hold a human inside the womb for nine months but can run the house and do the work seamlessly. They aren’t scared to face troubles at the work place and outside staring eyes.

Nowadays it’s become a top trend to take pictures with mothers and upload on the social media but what about others? Why do not take a practical step for saving and securing the beautiful pink soul? They just not need the pictures and banners and walk on the streets but need a humanitarian rights and contributions.

Yes, it’s truth, men are dominant and they should be all the time even in every second men should realize to themselves, yes, we are dominant. They are dominant for the protection, respect and love. It should be twice and dominant towards women.

As 8th March celebrated as a focal point in the women’s right movement bringing attentions to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights and against violence towards women but unfortunately people debates on the vulgar slogan instead of rights and betterment for the women.

There is still a lot of work for gender equality. Sometimes we lose important rights and go backward with the progress we have made. But, women’s movements all over the world are still fighting for the equality and new generation are with them. The people marching in the streets are usually young women and their friends.

There’s still needs to campaign and organized the event to tell the people that how we behave with each other. In our country it’s highly recommended to do something for the equal access of education.

However it’s fact, if a society raise a healthy environment for the women definitely they produce an amazing generation that’s not only fruitful for the society but for the whole world. Napolian Bonapate famous saying “give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized educated nation.”