About Us

Times Pakistan News has been started with a vision of unbiased and professional reporting, in an ethical and responsible way, without any political affiliation or agenda. Times Pakistan News is a Pakistani news website committed to bring you news & featured stories from around Pakistan & all over the world. Times Pakistan News is a dynamic news website in Urdu.

Director & Editor Message

The first priority of Times Pakistan News is to respect and work for the betterment of government and non-government organizations, including national security agencies. Our team’s commitment is to serve for the glory of Pakistan and to fight against the negative propaganda against the country. We will continue to honestly deliver useful and up-to-date news based on facts from all over the world including Pakistan. (Mirza Zain)

Sub Editor Message

Content written in a column published on a website may be the personal opinion of the columnist, the organization does not have to agree with it. In addition, the reporter will be responsible for publishing false news against government and non-government organizations, including the national security agencies. The agency will not support him in any case. (Aiman Idrees)